Lazzarato (1996) Immaterial Labor

Argument Since the 1970s the nature of work has changed so that it isn’t always recognized as work.  Much of the work performed today is immaterial labor and it involves new power relations in which workers, who are free, use their mental skills and personalities to produce information commodities. NOTE: Lazzarato is not describing digital … Continue reading

Smythe (1981) On the Audience Commodity and its Work

Same argument as Blindspot article: “readers and audience members of advertising-supported media mass media are a commodity produced and sold to advertisers because they perform a valuable service for the advertisers” (Smythe 1981, 8). While we generally consider work to involve physical labor, Smythe explains that within information capitalism: “much of the work that audience … Continue reading

Englehardt, Tom. (1986) “The Shortcake Strategy”

ARGUMENT After the deregulation of children’s advertising in the early 1980s, Children’s television shows were no longer designed to entertain, but to generate sales. Authorship shifted from TV studios to toy companies and advertising agencies that produced shows to function as program length commercials (PLCs) for licensed characters and their associated merchandising. Under this new … Continue reading

Kanner, Allen D. 2005. “Globalization and the Commercialization of Childhood.” ARGUMENT Economic globalization has brought the concept of children as consumers to ever corner of the earth.  This global spread of “corporate monoculture” is harmful to children. SUMMARY There are three reasons why companies advertise to children (This is adapted from McNeal 1992 but Kanner doesn’t cite it): To generate brand awareness and loyalty … Continue reading

Meyers, Cynthia (2014) A Word From Our Sponsor

Meyers, Cynthia (2014) A Word From Our Sponsor

ARGUMENT Meyers argues that advertising agencies played a key role in carving out American radio as a commercial medium and positioned themselves at the controls.  The primary reason their role has gone unnoticed is due to the fact that they were never credited on air so as not to distract from the advertiser’s message. SUMMARY … Continue reading

Send Chocolate Online this Holiday Season

So proud of my friends Kari Bishop and Collette Campbell who have just launched a new online business. allows you to order chocolate online and send to any address with a personalized note.  Way to go ladies!