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Kanner, Allen D. 2005. “Globalization and the Commercialization of Childhood.”

http://www.tikkun.org/article.php/Kanner-Globalization ARGUMENT Economic globalization has brought the concept of children as consumers to ever corner of the earth.  This global spread of “corporate monoculture” is harmful to children. SUMMARY There are three reasons why companies advertise to children (This is adapted from McNeal 1992 but Kanner doesn’t cite it): To generate brand awareness and loyalty … Continue reading

McLuhan, Marshall. (1964) Understanding Media

Introduction Electric technology has extended us in “a global embrace” because it has overcome the restrictions of space and time. It reduces our world to a “global village” where the individual is de-emphacized and everyone is involved in everyone else’s lives. The Medium is the Message We need to be reminded that the content of … Continue reading

McLuhan, Marshall. (1962) The Gutenberg Galaxy

Prologue The Elizabethans were caught between a social system focused on community (oral) and a new one focused on the individual (typographic and mechanical).  The electronic age is reversing that pattern so that we are now reverting to communal modes of social exchange: ” we reverse their pattern by confronting an electric technology which would … Continue reading