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Manovich (2001) The Language of New Media

Link to text >>  |  Link to Video>>  |  Link to Review>> Argument – Manovich maps out parameters to define what new media is, what distinguishes it from old media, how it developed out of other media forms, and how it can be studied.  Throughout the book he situates new media in relation to older … Continue reading

Creeber and Martin (2009) Digital Cultures

Link to Text >> Ch 1. Digital Theories Argument – Creeber and Martin 2009 trace the history of Critical Media Studies as a precursor to the study of digital media.  They situate New Media studies within post-structuralist theories of media that emphasize multiple layers of meaning that are actively produced by users.  There is no … Continue reading

Lazzarato (1996) Immaterial Labor

Argument Since the 1970s the nature of work has changed so that it isn’t always recognized as work.  Much of the work performed today is immaterial labor and it involves new power relations in which workers, who are free, use their mental skills and personalities to produce information commodities. NOTE: Lazzarato is not describing digital … Continue reading

Gitelman, Lisa. (2006) Always Already New

On Media History All historians are doing a form of media history.  History only survives by being represented in media (writing, photos, tablets etc.) therefore media are the instruments of history.   Historians are generally blind to the media themselves and only focus on the content of media.  Media historians use media as both the instruments … Continue reading

Peters, John Durham. (1999) Speaking Into The Air – Reading Notes

Main Argument Communication is a modern notion, developed in the nineteenth century and he argues that it has not been studied enough.  Peters traces the evolution of ideas around communication throughout history and extrapolates their wider social, political, philosophical and religious implications. Introduction What is communication and what does the term mean? “Divisions between self … Continue reading