Posted in April 2012

Ruskin, Gary and Juliet Schor. (2005). Every Nook and Cranny: The Dangerous Spread of Commercialized Culture.

Ads are everywhere.  Even the lighting of the White House Christmas tree was sponsored by MCI (who committed one of the largest corporate frauds in history).  Legally advertising has been termed “commerical speech.”  Since 1976, corporations have been worming themselves into every aspect of our lives: “in 1976, the Court granted constitutional protection to commerical … Continue reading

Barthes, Roland. (1977). Image, Music, Text

The Death of the Author Declares the death of the author’s power over the narrative and instead invests that power in the reader. The same can be said for brands attempts at advertising/marketing in the age of social media.  The consumer (the public) is now the author of your brand reputation.

Barthes, Roland. (1973) Mythologies

The Writer on Holiday “The writer is the prey of an inner god who speaks at all times, without bothering, tyrant that he is, with the holidays of his medium.  Writers are on holiday, but their Muse is awake, and gives birth non-stop. 32)” Soap-Powders and Detergents “Inoculation” – we are given just a taste … Continue reading