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Stuart Hall (1980) “Cultural Studies: Two Paradigms”

Link to Summary  | Another summary Main Argument:  Since the 1950s, cultural studies has formed around two overlapping but distinct paradigms: culturalist and structuralist. Questions: Is this article dated? Have approaches emerged and shifted since Hall was writing in 1980? For example, where do feminist, queer, and postcolonial discourses fit in? Also, is structuralism much … Continue reading

Lasch, Christopher. (1978) The Culture of Narcissism

Our culture has become so fiercely individualistic that we are obsessed with ourselves and gratifying our id.  We are in a constant quest for fulfillment, happiness and the respect and adoration of others. (22-23)  Advertising promotes self-doubt (not self-indulgence) so that needs are created and never satisfied (181). Chapter 4 – The Propaganda of Commodities … Continue reading