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Stern, Barbara B. (2003) “Masculinism(s) and the Male Image: What Does it Mean to be a Man?” in Sex in Advertising

Men’s studies developed as a response to feminism and women’s studies.  It began with the publication of The Liberated Man by Warren Farrell in 1975.  Men’s studies challenges the concept of the ideal male as powerful, strong, active, a breadwinner, straight etc. and allows for many forms of masculinity.  There have been 8 major popular … Continue reading

Hicks, Gary R. (2003) “Media at the Margins: Homoerotic Appeals to the Gay and Lesbian Community” in Sex in Advertising

Media is key to shaping sexuality in western society.  Media shapes both gay self-perception and society’s perception of gay people.  There was very little representation of gays in the media before 1960 and when it began to appear it was mainly stereotypical and focused on cross-dressing or prostitution.  The 70s and 80s saw a few … Continue reading