COMM 3701 – Advertising, Culture & Society

Week 8 – Hypercommercialism

Week 7 – Commodifying Difference

Week 6 – Data Mining and Surveillance

Week 5 – The Audience Commodity

Main Idea: Advertising shapes not only the ads, but also the non-advertising content.

How does this work in the digital age? Use this tool – http://rcs.seerinteractive.com/money/

Week 4 – Brand Backlash

Macklemore and Ryan Lewis – Wing$

Harold – Barbie Liberation Organization

Week 3 – Brands

Office hours: Mondays 3:30-4:30 TEL 3032

LoveMarks Top 200 Global Brands

What is a Brand?



Goldman & Papson

A story

An image

A Commodity Sign

  1. Goldman and Papson – Old Spice Believe in Your Smellf, Smell is Power, Friends Forever
  2. Twitchell – Harley-Davidson, Live by It
  3. Hebdige – images of The Mods

Week 2

Student Reading Tips Handout

  • Strasser and Cross -“Planned Obsolescence” – The Men Who Made us Spend
    • iPhones: 3:30-6:20
    • Light bulb: 6:20-10:08 (yes, it IS a conspiracy!)
    • Printer ink: 11:20-13:30
  • Kelly et al – “Bricoleur:” Weaving separate things together to create something new.  From Levi-Strauss

Week 1

Here’s what we are doing in this course: Russell Brand “The Trews” on Apple iWatch

The “Magic” System:

COMM 3700 Advertising History

Week 11

Week 10

Week 9

Has it really changed?

What the “New Racism” looks like:  “White Like Me” trailer, Everyday Racism

Week 8

Week 7

Options for Films

Week 6

Intro – Advertising and Consumer Culture



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