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Peters, John Durham. (1999) Speaking Into The Air – Reading Notes

Main Argument Communication is a modern notion, developed in the nineteenth century and he argues that it has not been studied enough.  Peters traces the evolution of ideas around communication throughout history and extrapolates their wider social, political, philosophical and religious implications. Introduction What is communication and what does the term mean? “Divisions between self … Continue reading

Eisenstein, Elizabeth. (1983) The Printing Revolution in Early Modern Europe

Main Argument Eisenstein studies the cultural impact of the transition from scribal culture to print culture and suggests that historians have not properly acknowledged the significance of this revolution.  The impact of the printing press on the flow of information allowed major intellectual revolutions (Renaissance, Reformation, Scientific Revolution) to take place.  Ideas and information could … Continue reading

McLuhan, Marshall. (1962) The Gutenberg Galaxy

Prologue The Elizabethans were caught between a social system focused on community (oral) and a new one focused on the individual (typographic and mechanical).  The electronic age is reversing that pattern so that we are now reverting to communal modes of social exchange: ” we reverse their pattern by confronting an electric technology which would … Continue reading