Iqani, Mehita. (2012) Consumer Culture and the Media

In Consumer Culture and the Media Iqani sets out to determine how consumer culture is constructed, promoted and maintained by media.  She argues that consumer culture has become ubiquitous because media, which also pervade almost every aspect of our daily lives, aesthetically package consumer culture and sell it back to us.  Media and consumer culture, she argues, are so inextricably linked they are co-constitutive of each other.

Iqani identifies magazine covers as a distinct genre and analyzes their display in public, retail spaces to support her central claim.  Her methodological approach combines participant observation with textual analysis to ensure her investigation captures both the social and semiotic aspects of public magazine display, retail shopping and reading.  Engages in a thick description

Note: rejects the Habermasian public sphere in favor of Arendt’s (1958) notion of the public realm as a “space of appearance” and a shared “community of things” (Iquani 25).


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