Turow, Joseph. (2009). Advertisers and Audience: Autonomy at the End of Television

Scholars maintain that digital media has taken power away from media producers and placed it in the hands of consumers.

“In a 2006 keynote address to the Association of National Advertisers convention, the C.E.O. of Proctor and Gamble not only agreed in the emerging era ‘the power is with the consumer,’ he concluded that as a result advertisers must for the first time ‘let go’ of the notion that they rather than consumers control the shaping of their brands’ images.”

On the other hand, Turow argues that media producers never had absolute power – they have always had a problem getting audiences to  watch TV commercials or pay attention to print ads.

In the current age of TiVO and PVRs advertisers are turning to new advertising channels to bring the power back to the advertise. These methods include product integration, sponsorship, and consumer generated ads.  For example, brands are using super bowl ads to send audiences to their websites where they have a better (and longer) chance to engage with the consumer.

Advertisers are spending more on database marketing and other more targeted methods.

“The actions by marketing and media executives reflect a grim determination to manage consumer power rather than merely allow it to bloom untamed.”


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