20 Key Learnings from Dan Zarella’s “The Science of Timing” Webinar

Dan Zarella recently presented a fascinating webinar regarding the science behind timing your social media content.  I’ve listed some key learning below that brands can use to inform thier socail media publishing schedule.  

The major takeaway from this data is that brands need to determine what thier most important KPIs are (ie CTR vs. comments vs. views) and tailor thier publishing schedule accordingly. 


  1. If you are promoting an event, you should start promoting it about 2.5 weeks prior via Blog posts & twitter.  The best way to promote is by sharing useful info. 
  2. Use  http://tweetwhen.com to find your Twitter account’s most retweetable time
  3.  People/brands with “official” in their bio have about 200 more followers than the average Twitter user
  4.  Contra-Competitive Timing: Posting when the competition isn’t, so that you are heard more
  5.  The majority of the US population lives in Eastern or Central time zones.  Content should cater to these time zones.  All data in this deck is based on EST. 

Facebook & Twitter Data

  1. The highest number of RTs occur between 2-8pm.  The lowest RTs occur between 5am-noon.  RTs are also higher later in the week and on weekend (likely due to Contra-competitive timing)
  2. Twitter CTR is lowest on Mondays and Thursdays
  3. Highest click-throughs occur at 10am and 5pm
  4. People who tweet 22 times per day have the most followers.  So tweet often and don’t be afraid to turn off your audience
  5. Don’t tweet more than one link per hour or people will stop clicking through
  6. On Facebook, pages that post every second day have the most followers. Takeaway: Don’t crowd your content
  7. Most Facebook shared occur on Saturdays and Sundays.  This is due to contra-competitive timing and the fact that many companies block FB at work
  8. Facebook shares are highest at 11am and then peak again at 7pm and 2am.

Blogging Data

  1. Most people read blogs in the morning
  2.  Men are more likely to read at night than women.  If your audience is a mix of males & female, you should experiment with both morning and night.
  3. Blogs get the most views on Mondays and the least on weekends
  4. Blog views are highest between 10am – noon
  5. If you want more comments on your blog- Post Saturday & Sunday. They are also higher at 8-9am than during the day.  Why? Contra-Competitive
  6. Links per Day: Monday & Thursday early morning (6-7am) are best days.  why? Due to “Linkerati” (ie Mashable) who are looking for content for their portals and blogs
  7. Blogs that post 30 times per day (think Guy Kawasaki) get the most views, so Blog a frequently as possible

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