What are the Top Global Brands on Facebook?

There are many free tools available to determine which brands have the largest Facebook followings.  Most of them, such as Socailbakers.com (previously Facebakers.com), select a brand’s single largest Facebook page and uses it to calculate the top global brands on Facebook.  However, this approach only tracks one page from each brand and doesn’t take into account any regional, non-english, or individual product pages that brand may also control.  Using this methodology, an American brand with 10 million Facebook fans ranks significantly higher than a European brand with 10 different Facebook pages with 1 million fans each.  This is not an accurate picture.

On January 24, 2011 I manually tabulated all of the tops brands’ Facebook pages to determine which brands have the largest presence on Facebook – not just the largest page.  Here are my results:

Top Brands on Facebook

Rank Brand Fans What’s included
1 Facebook 45,481,330 13 product pages, 3 regional pages 
2 Disney 40,039,197 22 Disney Branded pages (not individual movies
or characters)
3 YouTube 26,155,224 http://www.facebook.com/youtube
4 Converse 23,228,521 /converse, /converseAllStar, /conversephilippines
5 Coca-Cola 22,940,701 /coke, /dietcoke, /cokezero
6 Starbucks 22,914,754 Main brand page +25 regional pages
7 MTV 22,628,354 Main brand page + 30 regional pages
8 Victoria’s Secret  18,963,544 /victoriassecret, /VSPink
9 Skittles 17,049,078 /skittles.uk, /skittles
10 Oreo 16,406,619 http://www.facebook.com/oreo
11 Red Bull 14,933,527 http://www.facebook.com/redbull
12 Windows 11,622,727 /WindowLiveMessenger, /Windowsphone, /Hotmail,
13 iTunes 11,533,073 Main Brand page + 9 regional pages
14 BlackBerry 11,018,336 /BlackBerry, /BlackberryDeveloperCommunity,
+ 24 regional pages


Tell me what you think of this ranking. Are there any surprises or is this what you would have expected?  If you represent any of these brands and think I may have missed some of your Facebook pages, please let me know and I will update the numbers as necessary.  Also, if you are not on this list and you think you should be, please send me a list of all of your brand’s Facebook pages (not including sub-brands) and I will be happy to include them.


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